CNC Turning

CNC turning is one of the most popular metal processing methods used in manufacturing details from structural materials. We use modern and reliable CNC lathe do the lathe work. Turning accuracy – +/- 0.01mm.

Main lathe CNC parameters:

  1. Cross slide in the X axis: 318mm;
  2. Longitudinal slide in the Z axis: 660mm;

Additionally, we offer turning on conventional machines with the following parameters:

  1. max. diameter object: 630mm;
  2. max. length of rotation object: 2000mm.

CNC Milling

We provide CNC Milling service. CNC milling is one of the most efficient and precise machining methods to achieve the desired shape by removing material. OUR CNC milling machine can handle a wide range of materials from stainless steel to aluminum.

We use machine with two-stage spindle gear, with a torque of 339 Nm, which it is able to efficiently mill stainless steel.

Basic parameters of CNC milling:

  1. Slides in XYZ axes: 1270 x 508 x 635 mm,
  2. Table load up to: 1500kg.
  3. Maximum revolutions: 8100 rpm.

Welding service

We can provide welding service of carbon steel, stainless steel, and alluminium using MMA, Mig-Mag and TIG welding techniques.

In our workshop we have modern Scandinavian machinery which are able to weld even in 450A amps. Our engineers and welders are ready to help with your metal projects. Our offer is addressed to the companies and individual clients.


We provide various types of metalwork services for companies and individual customer.

We can offer:

  1. Riveting;
  2. Chamfering;
  3. Threading;
  4. Drilling;
  5. Cutting with a band saw;
  6. Grinding;

Mobile metalworks service

RDE Metal provide portable metalwork service. Mobile service car contain all necessary equipment to provide metalwork and welding service at the customer’s place. We can handle metalwork at difficult conditions, without electricity ( construction sites ect.)

Mobile service car machinery:

  • Portable heavy duty diesel electric generator 40Kva  power up us;
  • Welding tent–protect our workplace against harmful weather conditions;
  • Band saw –cut steel precisely in high quality with dimension 700mm /400mm;
  • Welding machines  : If we talking about welding we like Scandinavian style.  We use Kemmpi minarc 180  MMA machines, Kemmpi Fastmig 450A MIG-MAG machine and Esab AC DC 220A TIG welding machine;
  • Portable plasma cutter – We can cut steel plate in thickness 40mm;
  • Metalwork tools –  We have all necessary tools to provide metalwork like grinding machines, drilling machines, hand tools ect.

Equipment of the mobile service car is selected individually after customers job description.

Our proffesional offer:

  • Professional regeneration of DSM, SDP and CFA technology drilling reamers and piling rigs;
  • Regeneration and repair: excavator buckets, booms and excavator arms;
  • Regeneration and repair of scrap grippers, harvesting grippers etc.

General offer:

  • Steel cutting with a band saw with a cross-section of 700×400 [mm];
  • Steel cutting with a plasma cutter;
  • Steel cutting with an oxy-acetylene torch;
  • Welding : MMA 180A, MIG-MAG 450A, TIG 220A (AC-DC);
  • Boring;
  • Riveting;
  • Tapping;
  • Grinding.

High pressure hydraulic MOBILE SERVICE

We provide MOBILE hydraulic hose crimping services up to size 2 inches at the customer’s place 24h!

Our mobile workshop is equipped with modern machinery for the production of hydraulic hoses and all the necessary tools for servicing hydraulics. We supply in fittings and components for the production of hoses from the best European manufacturers.

In case of failure call. We will reduce your machine’s downtime to a minimum!

Tel. 539 006 006